FCF Executive Board

  • Tim Dunham - Board Chair

  • Sangdao (Dao) Koocharoenthaworn - Vice Chair

  • Marcus Fey

  • Kanyapon (Bum) Fey - Board Secretary

  • Passorn (Apple) Sriprayoonpaisarn - Board Treasurer

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The Finance Division’s mission is to manage organizational cash flow, budgets, and financial reports with a high level of excellence, integrity, and accountability. The Finance Division is committed to providing timely, accurate, and complete information to the FCF executive board, auditors, Thai government, and other entities with vested interests in FCF. This responsibility requires that we be service oriented relative to the financial needs of all projects and programs while still assuring that all transactions adhere to foundation policies and procedures, generally accepted accounting principles, and rules established by the authoritative governing bodies. Finance is responsible for:

  • Funds Processing in Thailand

  • Internal Accounting

  • Manage and communicate the cost share program.

  • Partnering with CORD to process funds for projects that partner with CORD.

  • Providing timely monthly reports to our auditor.

  • Reporting to the Department of Revenue



With Christ-like humility, the Operations Division strives to provide excellent service and support, enthusiastically encouraging and empowering FCF staff, volunteers, and projects. We want to serve you in love and equip, empower and enable you to have the greatest possible impact in your areas of ministry. The Operations Division is composed of the Human Resources, Information Services, and Logistics/Facilities Departments.

Human Resources

  • Application Processing

  • Conflict Management

  • Employment Contracts

  • HR Letters

  • HR Investigations

  • Internships

  • Job Descriptions

  • Onboarding

  • Payroll

  • Social Insurance

  • Staff Contact Information

  • Visas

  • Work Permits


Information Services

  • Adroit Help

  • Business Cards

  • FCF Branding Support

  • Google G Suite Training

  • IT Support

  • Prayer Card Creation

  • Signage

  • Special Media Requests

  • Website Assistance



  • Event Logistics

  • FCF Admin Office Maintenance


Strategic Development

The Strategic Development Division exists to help FCF move forward with and accomplish its mission. We serve, develop and coach FCF’s projects and programs so that they can see their desired outcomes come to fruition. We also strive to strategically broaden and deepen our reach into the communities where we serve in Thailand and develop a network of strategic partners both in Thailand and abroad.

  • Project Development & Oversight

  • Strategic Partnerships


Government/Community Relations

  • Contracts & Negotiations

  • Capital Purchases

  • Community Relations

  • Government Relations


Social Worker

  • Educate, implement, and enforce the Child Protection Policy

  • Investigate Child protection and child welfare concerns

  • Regularly assess all child related projects

  • Develop standards and best practices for working with children