A well-defined, documented, one-time, or recurring, action performed by a team for the purpose of meeting a specific team, project, and FCF goal and objective. Activities should be logged monthly by volunteers, using the Adroit software.


Adroit is the name of our web-based Project Activity software. Adroit allows all FCF Volunteers to upload photos and descriptions of their Project Activities.

The software organizes all the Activity Photos for each person into various reports, specifically the 4-Monthly Activity Report that documents the benefits to Thai people in which each of the FCF Volunteers participates.

Starting in 2017, ALL FCF Volunteers must use the Adroit system to upload activity photos for all FCF reports. This means that there is no need to send activity photos to FCF and no manual reports will be generated.

Desired Outcomes

Desired outcomes are the long-term, desirable outcomes of the project. These won't change much from year to year and should have a 5-10 year vision in mind. These are what the project wants to see happen through its project in Thailand. They should be written as what the project wants to see come about and not as what it will do

Desired Outcome Example: To see students who are equipped and empowered to be better leaders in the future

Goal Example: Mentor 5 new students weekly in order to train 2 to be student leaders next year


A national worker that is compensated by FCF.

Goals (Project)

A GOAL is a well-defined and realistic statement set by an organization that influences its internal strategic decisions. The project's Goals are how it will be accomplishing its Desired Outcomes.

Goal Example: Mentor 5 new students weekly in order to train 2 to be student leaders next year.

FCF’s Formal Charter Objectives are part of FCF’s charter as a Thai social foundation. They are deliberately written broadly and in social language.

All Project Desired Outcomes must support one, or more, FCF Charter Objectives. Each individual Project Desired Outcome must relate to one, and only one, FCF Charter Objectives.

Each individual project Goal must relate to one, and only one, Project Desired Outcome. But the overall Goals of each FCF project must support one, or more, Project Desired Outcomes.

The Activities of a project must support one or more project goals. Each individual project Activity may relate to multiple Project Goals.

The end result is that every Project Activity performed by every team of every FCF project has a clear chain of relationship back to FCF’s Formal Charter Objectives.

International Volunteer

An unpaid foreign worker who possesses a work permit.


A formal FCF sub-entity defined by a Project Agreement and Comprehensive Project Description. A list of FCF Projects can be found here.


  • the act or process of receiving

  • something received - usually used in plural

  • a writing acknowledging the receiving of goods or money


  • An endorsement made on a passport by the proper authorities denoting that it has been examined and that the bearer may proceed.

  • A signature of formal approval by a superior upon a document.

Work Permit

An official document giving a foreigner permission to take a job in a country.