Finance Procedures

Finance Quick Links

Request Project Funds

  • To request project funds, submit an Admin Service Request.
  • Please submit the form at least 2 business days before the funds are needed.
  • You may request funds at any time, but all unused funds must be returned by the last day of the month per our zero bank book policy.
  • FCF will not process funds requests until the project has sufficient funds in Thailand and the project is in compliance with all finance policies and procedures.

Zero Bank Book Policy

Projects are required to transfer any unused funds back to the FCF bank account prior to submitting a funds request for the new month. The purpose of this is so that every project’s finances can be reconciled each month and submitted to our 3rd party auditor for review. We understand that this can result in low cash on hand for a short period of time, but the Finance Division will do its best to get funds transferred as soon as possible. A copy of your project bank book’s information page and the page showing a zero balance must be included with the monthly receipts submitted by the 5th of every month. The FCF bank account is:

  • Bank Name: Siam Commercial Bank
  • Bank Branch: Changklan Chiangmai 0840
  • Owner Name: The Family Connection Foundation
  • Account Number: 840-207730-0

Monthly Receipts Submission Procedure

Every month, FCF sends all receipts and expense reports from every project to a 3rd party auditor for review and compliance with Thai law. This means that receipts must be reconciled against our bookkeeping every month. In order to accomplish this, all projects are required to submit original receipts to FCF no later than the 5th of each month.

  • Make a copy of the Monthly Receipts Submission Form, fill it out electronically, print it, and include it along with all physical receipts that are turned into the FCF main office. Be sure to use the appropriate Aplos codes that match the annual budget you submitted to FCF for this year. Please double check this form to make sure it’s correct prior to submitting.
  • Please fill out this form for missing receipts and include a payment voucher (purchasable at Lotus) in place of each missing receipt along with a copy of the ID card or passport of the person who made the purchase. Each receipt or payment voucher needs a signed copy of the ID card or passport of the person who made the purchase.
  • Turn in all original receipts, the monthly receipts submission form, and the zero bank book copies to the FCF office. If your project is outside of Chiang Mai, you can mail them to:
    • The Family Connection Foundation
    • 397/2 Moo 7
    • T. Mae-Hia, A. Mueang
    • Chiang Mai 50100
  • For questions about submitting receipts, submit an Admin Service Request.

Donation & Income Claim Procedure

If you receive cash donations, please deposit them in the FCF bank account below and send an email to with the project name, amount deposited, date of deposit, and a picture of the deposit slip. We will then transfer those funds to your project.

  • Bank Name: Siam Commercial Bank
  • Bank Branch: Changklan Chiangmai 0840
  • Owner Name: The Family Connection Foundation
  • Account Number: 840-207730-0

Pre-designated (Mystery) Donations

FCF often receives funds directly to our Thai bank account which have no donor name or designation. The bank cannot provide much information to us so unless someone lets us know, we have no idea where the money came from or where it’s supposed to go. This mystery money is placed in a temporary holding account until it’s claimed for up to 90 days, after which time it will be transferred into FCF’s general fund. If you think any of these funds are designated for your project, please send us documentation, and we will transfer the money to the appropriate project fund. All claims must include documentation. FCF wants to make sure all funds are used for their intended purpose so please check the pre-designated funds monthly. To view the undesignated funds:

  • Login to your Aplos account.
  • Click "Reports."
  • Click on “Transaction List by Fund.”
  • Click on the dropdown menu to choose the period (i.e. This Year, This Quarter, etc).
  • Find the “Pre-Designation Funds Holding Account Fund.” If you don’t see it, click on the “Report Filters” dropdown menu and make sure the fund is checked.
  • Look for any donations that you believe were made to your project.
  • Send an email to with documentation verifying the donation was for your project.
  • We will transfer undesignated funds to the proper account within 3 business days after reviewing and verifying documentation.

Annual Project Budget

  1. Each project must submit an annual budget showing projected expenses and income. Complete the Project Budget Worksheet and submit it to
  2. Project budgets must be approved by your advisory board and included in the minutes prior to submitting the budget to FCF. During the year it’s ok to spend more or less than you budgeted provided you have the funds in your project account, but any large deviations from your budget should be approved by your advisory board first.
  3. Project budgets are due by December 5th and branch office budgets are due by October 15th each year. An email reminder will be sent out prior to the due date.
  4. The purpose of doing this is
  • to project FCF cash flow for the coming year and
  • to help your advisory board and FCF gauge the financial health of each project.

Advisory Board Policy

In order to ensure that FCF is compliant with local and international law in regards to funds control, FCF requires that all projects have an advisory board that meets a minimum of every 95 days. In order for the Finance Division to process your funds requests, you must be in compliance with the Advisory Board Policy.