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Adroit Summary

Adroit is FCFs software solution to comply with Thai Government mandated activity reporting requirements. Our policy on reporting is detailed here.

Adroit Overview and How To

For a short overview of Adroit and some simple "How to" guides for creating activities and uploading photos, click here.

User Manual

Please click here to view the complete Adroit User Manual.

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Maximizing the Impact of Adroit

Adroit is a powerful tool that FCF has implemented to streamline the reporting process for all volunteers at FCF. However, it is only as powerful as the data within it. In order to utilize this system as effectively as possible requires team work from all of us. And one of the biggest things you can do to help is to be thoughtful and intentional with the captions you enter for the photo evidences of your activities. Here two brief snippets from the Making the Most of Adroit document:

Regarding Activity Descriptions...

When you add an activity (typically done by project directors), make sure the Activity Description clearly describes WHY you are doing this activity. Do NOT simply describe WHAT you did, because you cannot get a visa simply because you did stuff! But rather, make sure you mention why the activity benefits Thai people or how it helps accomplish a desired project outcome. Please note: While we are asking for good, descriptive activity descriptions, there is a limit of 240 characters (inclusive of spaces and punctuation) that the system can accept.

Regarding Captions for your Photo Proofs...

Write captions that explain WHAT you are doing AND HOW you think it will make a difference! It is really not a caption - you should be writing a one sentence story with a point. The point should reinforce or expand on what was written in the activity description. If the photo is showing how you have accomplished one of your outcomes, make sure you explain clearly the desired outcome demonstrated in the photo. Below are two examples for you to consider. Please note: While we are asking for good, descriptive captions, there is a limit of 240 characters (inclusive of spaces and punctuation) that the system can accept.

Example 1

--Poor: Building relationships with women at a waterfall.

--Better: Taking the women on an outing to a waterfall in order to build mentoring relationships where we can teach them how to make better choices about friends, dating, and a moral lifestyle.

Example 2

--Poor: Teaching skills to Nong Ning

--Better: After 6 months in our program, Nong Ning has developed skills to know how to take care of her baby, and has life skills to take care of herself.

The document Making the Most of Adroit contains more helpful information. To review this short, 3-page document in its entirety, please click here.

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