Project Reporting Requirements

Notification Responsibilities

In order to ensure that FCF has all pertinent information necessary to effectively execute it's mission in the local legal and social contexts, it must be notified if any of the following have occurred:

  • a violation of the FCF’s Child Protection Policy;

  • a significant conflict with a Staff member;

  • a violation of Thai laws or other legal issues occurs;

  • an event occurs which conflicts with FCF policies, PROJECT Core Distinctives (formerly Project Sandbox), or the FCF Core Distinctives in a material and serious manner.

Volunteer Activity


In order to empower our staff to comply with the various reporting expectations, FCF requires every work permit holder to upload lots of DIFFERENT photos. In a four month reporting period, each work permit holder should be engaged in more than one activity. Ideally, you can show at least SIX (6) different kinds of activities in which you have been involved. These should be at different times, and hopefully with different people and in different places.

  • Bad - 10 pictures in the same room with the same people, but wearing a different shirt in a couple of the photos!

  • Good - 10 pictures with basically the same people, but involved in different kinds of activities.

  • Best - 10 pictures doing many different activities, with different groups of people, in varying places and contexts.

For more details, please consult the document "Maximizing Adroit."

NOTE: All comments, captions, and other text should be written so that the reports are meaningful from an accomplishment perspective. Ultimately the Government wants to know what we have accomplished, not what activities we have participated in.

NOTE: Starting in January 2017, all government reporting for all FCF Volunteers for all purposes will be using uploaded Adroit data, photos, and documents.

NOTE: FCF Volunteers that require reports before formal training (everyone knows their own work permit and visa renewal dates) should be proactive in getting set up and uploading activity photos before the report is actually needed.

Example Activity Report Statements

  • English Teaching Ministry: Three of my students moved from level 1 to level 2 English ability. One student received an award from their school for their English ability. I taught students for a total of 24 hours.

  • Child Care Ministry: In January, we received 3 new children from the government orphanage. In March, two of our children graduated from High School.

  • Community Development Ministry: New Years party in our community. 35 children attended and we ate a meal together and practiced English songs. I worked with FCF social workers to provide direct aid to 2 families in our community.

FCF Project End of Year Reporting

Annual Budget Projection

  1. Each project must submit a yearly budget showing projected expenses and income. You can use the Project Budget Worksheet to make this easier to accomplish.

  2. For Branch Offices, yearly budgets are due by October 15th each year.

  3. For Projects, yearly budgets are due by December 5th, with documentation of acceptance of the budget by your advisory board.

  4. Yearly budgets must be submitted to by their due dates.

  5. The purpose of this projection is to:

    • Project cashflow

    • Audit projected income and expenses for corporate and project alignment

Why does FCF care about your project budget?

  1. We want to be sure that each project is observing the best practice of creating and implementing a budget each year.

  2. FCF is required to report your projected budget to the Thai Government each year for the coming year as well as a combined FCF budget projection.

  3. Reviewing the project budget allows us to spot check for any major purchases or project activities that may need FCF's special attention, such as large asset purchases.

Annual Project Report

All FCF Projects are required to submit an Annual Project Report. These reports allow FCF to accurately represent your project to the Thai government by reporting on both what you accomplished in the previous year and what your goals are heading into the next year.