Communication Standards & Procedures

General Communication Standards

FCF strives to communicate effectively throughout it's projects and staff. We have created some policy in this area to assist with continuity, efficiency, and security.

Defamatory Statements

FCF and it's projects should not engage in any activity or make any public statement that is damaging to the reputation of the other party.

Official FCF Communication To Others

All official communication from FCF to staff, projects and legal authorities should:

  • be clearly defined in written form.
  • include date & time of distribution.
  • be constructed with professional tone, grammar & spelling.
  • avoid any emotional dialog. Written correspondence should focus on facts rather than emotional observations.
  • be originated from the email account of an FCF agent with requisite authority. (ie. HR emails should originate from HR staff accounts.)
  • be bilingually drafted if possible. In emergency cases, FCFs translator can turn written translation around in a few hours.

Official Communication to FCF

All official requests including but not limited to financial, administrative, or asset related should:

  • be made in written form through the appropriate procedural methods (shown below)
  • include the name and title of the originator as well as reply-to contact information.
  • be made with as much advance notice as possible. In some cases a minimum notice is required.

Bulk Communication

Bulk Communication should:

  • be limited to relevant list of participants.
  • originate from FCF department managers or higher authority. This is intended to avoid accidental bulk emails.
  • utilize email lists if possible to avoid high postage costs.

Legal Communication

Legal Communication should:

  • originate only from FCF department managers or higher authority. Exceptions include projects with licensed legal staff that have been given written permission to act as a legal agent of FCF for the purposes of accomplishing tasks under the project charter.
  • be written in a format most likely to illicit desirable response from the relevant government officials.
  • be written on official FCF letterhead when print communication is required.

Verbal Communication


While telephone communication can be a valuable part of FCFs communication model and should be used for discussing relevant matters as needed, all official requests should be made in written from.

Official FCF Administrative Communication Avenues


Human Resources

Email Official HR Related Requests -

Electronic File Formats

Electronic file formats used by FCF are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, pdf, and Google Drive formats.