Projects & Partners

The Family Connection Foundation (FCF) was established in 2006 to fulfill the commission of Chiangmai Christian Fellowship Church. As a church, we believe that we have been given the responsibility to impact our local community. FCF’s purpose is to seek out and empower like-minded missions organizations and independent projects to share the Gospel with Thai people. This happens through a full range of administrative services and ministry oversight tools that keep ministries running lean and effective on the field. We provide services in the areas of: strategic planning, child protection, financial administration, human resources, visa and work permits, project accountability, media support, IT and web services, and inter-project partnerships with the following projects.

Ban San Rak

Thailand is a country of sixty-eight million people and more than one million of those people are classified as orphaned or abandoned. Ban San Rak is an intentional effort to make as much of an impact as possible in such a hard reality. Established in 2006, Ban San Rak is intended to be a place of safety and refuge for children that need it. While there are many ways to provide institutional care, all of which are practiced in Thailand, it has been clear from the beginning that “family” was what Ban San Rak was intended to be. Each Ban San Rak home is small (no more than eight children to two full-time staff). We have always had, and intend to keep, a low child to caregiver ratio. Each home is designed to be just that, a home. The staff members are highly qualified, highly trained and have committed to long terms at the home. Each child comes from unique and difficult circumstances and requires one-on-one attention. Family and therapy and in a small, long-term environment make transformation possible.

Bread for Life

Bread for Life was birthed in the Covid-19 global crisis of 2020 to assist families who lacked food and essential household items. It has evolved into a program that will serve Thai families in crisis and those in systemic poverty on an ongoing basis. The program will distribute food and household essentials directly and via FCF projects and strategic partners. The long term goal is to establish relationships with program recipients and encourage them to follow Jesus, who is the only one who can satisfy their spiritual hunger.

Connie’s Home

Connie’s Home was established to care for sick infants that are awaiting adoption. Often these children are set aside after being added to the adoption lists because their unaided health condition progresses and eventually results in being removed from the list, sometimes due to death. It is the mission of Connie’s Home staff to recognize the value and potential of each child, nursing them back to health until the children can be successfully adopted before the age of three. Each child receives therapy and care physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually that will help them through the adoption transition ahead. In recent years, it has been clear that Connie’s program was significant not only for the children but also the staff. Each staff member is challenged to meet strict guidelines and benchmarks in childcare. Through this program, Connie’s Home was able to begin partnering with organizations that trains au pairs for western homes. In everything the focus is expressing Christ’s love through life changing relationships and a family environment that will foster development and growth in each individual.


digiServe’s passion is to see local Thai organizations improve their effectiveness and efficiency by leveraging IT to increase their capacity to accomplish their mission. They provide basic IT training, training on Google Apps, consulting on network infrastructure, process management training, and custom software development. By providing software and digital services to social agencies, they will help build capacity to provide a higher quality of care. Their desire is to focus on orphanages and children at risk, developing and then deploying the Child At Risk System for FCF and several other groups in Chiang Mai. Additionally, they will work closely with other types of Foundations in order to provide custom software and IT services that will best benefit them.

Education Matters

The main goal of the Education Matters project is to keep underprivileged children in school at least through grade twelve. We believe that this is the most effective and simple way to combat the many forms of abuse and exploitation of children in Thailand. The problem families face is simple: it is much easier for families to send their children away to work rather than send them to school. Work provides income, while school is an expense many families can't afford. By providing for school expenses such as books, tuition, lunch, and transportation, Education Matters gives many families the incentive and means to keep their children in school. Additionally, this program gives children and their families hope of a much better future - one where they can learn a trade or skill, go to college, or get a job that can sustain them and their family. This hope encourages them to pursue their dreams. When children and families have hope, they are much less likely to end up being victims of human trafficking. They sense that their life has meaning and direction and they will fight much harder to see a bright future and experience success.

Home of the Swallow

It is our aim to assist women and their children who are lacking any social, financial, or emotional support. We will work with them to help them gain the independence needed to be able to care for themselves and their child by teaching them new job skills, financial management, parenting skills, and general life skills. For those already on the path to independent living, there is a great need for safe, healthy, and affordable care for their children while they are at work. Two main needs have been identified in this area. The first is a residential program for women and their children that want to learn to live in community, parenting, financial management, job skills training, and a degree of re-parenting of the women themselves. The second need is care for the children of those who are already employed. Many daycare centers exist to cater to the middle to upper class of Thai society. The more affordable daycare centers are more often than not overcrowded with a low caregiver to child ratio.

HUG Project

The HUG Project Thailand exists to prevent, protect, and restore child victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking. Through close cooperation with TICAC (Thailand Internet Crimes Against Children) task force and CACT (Children’s Advocacy Centers Thailand), HUG team members are working toward justice for those who harm children sexually, and healing for young survivors.

Prevention activities include educating young people about Safe/Unsafe/Confusing Touch and Online Grooming. Protection efforts involve partnering with the Royal Thai Police and others to maximize the effectiveness of investigations into child sexual abuse/exploitation. Restoration encompasses every step from rescue to recovery- connecting survivors and their families with needed resources (from medical treatment and legal assistance to counseling and job training).

HUG Founder and Director, Boom Mosby, has been recognized by the US State Department as a 2017 Trafficking in Persons Hero, and as a 2018 Vital Voices Global Leader in Human Rights, for her work as a child victim advocate.

Lahu Living Word

The Lahu Living Word Ministry focuses on the Lahu speaking people of Thailand, Myanmar, China and, prayerfully, Laos. These ministries are built around the Lahu Christian Correspondence Course (LCCC), a written course of ten lessons that are right now delivered to over 1700 active students. Follow-up on the LCCC is done through two ministries. First, The Mobile Training Program is designed for those enrolled in the correspondence course for deeper study, to answer specific questions, and to learn the basics of the Christian faith. Second, the Biblical Leadership Training is designed for the development of future leaders of the Lahu Church. These programs were developed with partnership in mind. Every year, teaching trainers, linguists, and funding partners are needed to make this project a success.

LIFT International

LIFT's mission is to prosecute and prevent human trafficking by strengthening justice system. LIFT International partners with governments, grassroots organisations, law enforcement, and international agencies to increase transparency and hold offenders accountable. LIFT believes in prevention through prosecution. We work to disrupt organised crime, secure fair sentences and put traffickers out of business because we know justice is a powerful deterrent. We advocate for victims and survivors of sexual exploitation to protect their rights and increase their access to justice.

The Light Center

The Light Center’s mission is to give hope and support to vulnerable pregnant women, to provide foster care for children waiting to be adopted, and to protect and restore victims of sexual abuse.

The Light Center’s vision is to support strong and healthy families in Thai society.

  • Mother’s who can raise their own children.

  • Foster children living in safe and loving families.

  • Justice and a new future for sexual abuse victims.

Around 34,000 teenagers will give birth in Northeast Thailand this year. The deep shame from an unexpected pregnancy often leads to abortions, suicide, and girls being abandoned by the people they thought cared about them the most. The government estimates there could be up to 400,000 illegal abortions per year and crisis pregnancy centers are almost non-existent. Our hope is in Jesus Christ and we want to give that hope to young women who feel hopeless. There can be justice and healing for victims of sexual abuse. There is a way for them to choose life and keep their baby. It is possible to graduate. They do have a future and they can pursue their dreams. Sometimes all they need is someone to guide them down the right path. Sometimes all they need is a little hope.

Revive Isaan

“You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” These words of the Lord Jesus Christ are as true today as the day He spoke them. Our goal is to be faithful ambassadors of the one true God and to bring the Gospel to a perishing people. The Gospel is the only message that can save men's souls and transform their lives. We aim to preach the Gospel in demonstration of the Spirit and power. We believe that the Gospel is a message that we proclaim with words. We aim to live faithful lives that adorn the true doctrine of the Gospel, and we desire to love our neighbor as ourselves.

The specific outworking of this will be that we are adopting the formal FCF objectives regarding the family, and that we are seeking to pour our lives into people. We will do this in a variety of different ways. Ultimately, it is the people more than the structures we create that really matter. We aim to spend time sharing the love of Jesus with people one on one, through teaching in churches, through kids clubs, through prison ministry, through English teaching, through after school tutoring, through writing, translating, and distributing Christ-centered literature, and any other means that we find.

Seed of Hope

The Seed Of Hope project is designed to reduce poverty and increase spiritual and economic opportunity through discipleship and education. The project gives poor children from remote villages access and opportunity to attend the Thai public school system while residing in a clean and safe dormitory. Teaching the students and staff principles from God’s word is the foundational approach to all avenues of this project. Offering the students and staff opportunities to collaborate with agricultural experts and business professionals in the Chiang Mai community will give them the ability to increase their economic opportunities in the future. These economic opportunities will have the potential to benefit the students, their extended families and the greater communities they serve.

Stronger Together

Stronger Together provides resources and consultation to institutions and networks in Thailand that actively care for people with disabilities. Our goal is to work with these partners to develop sustainable, strategic paradigms to tangibly improve the lives of the disabled and their families.

The economic, social, and emotional challenges which persons affected by disabilities face on a daily basis are numerous and well documented, particularly in areas with insufficient access to healthcare and welfare programs. These challenges are often augmented by overtones of segregation and stigmatization in society. Stronger Together will support and enhance its partners’ efforts to provide physical, emotional and spiritual assistance to the disabled and their families with the goal of bringing hope, happiness and success to those who often feel marginalized.


TawSaeng gives at-risk, abused and vulnerable children knowledge, love, education, and social development to improve their quality of life and better understand their self-worth, including protection of child-rights based on Christian principles and beliefs.

During the weekday afternoons and evenings, dedicated national staff and international volunteers serve approximately 30 children in a key red-light district who are at risk of many dangers, including sexual exploitation, child labor, poverty, and discrimination. Most of these children need help to stay in school and to succeed in life. These children, and many more, need help in gaining citizenship in the very country they were born in. Without such help, exploitation and discrimination remain constant threats.

TawSaeng center provides for a broad spectrum of holistic needs of the children - physical, emotional, spiritual, educational, and relational - through a variety of activities. The children are fed healthy meals, receive quality learning opportunities (including learning English), learn social survival skills, and are given an opportunity to play in a safe environment. TawSaeng serves these children in their life situations, along with their families, who almost all live in slums nearby. This gives us an even greater opportunity to help transform entire communities for God’s glory.

Together We Serve

Together We Serve’s heart is is shine the light of Christ through their good deeds so that others may know him. In all they do, they seek to love God and serve others and instill this mindset in everyone with whom they serve. They want to see at risk people from rural communities given the chance to have basic needs met. They do this by providing free dental care, haircutting, and taking professional portraits to help people see their own value.

They train and disciple young people like high school students, college students and professionals from many careers to develop their heart to help serve the Lord and society. They believe that the youth will be effective leaders in the future if they are empowered today and given a good moral foundation and opportunities to serve.