Advisory Boards

Advisory Boards Overview

In order to ensure that projects are always fully in control of their ministry, FCF gives authority to the project to manage this requirement so long as the board conforms to the minimally invasive Advisory Board Policy.

Advisory Board Policy


FCF works to achieve a culture of trust in ministry. This means we don’t want to manage ministry. We want to support and send. FCF also believes in accountability and the fallibility of man. In order to achieve trust within freedom, FCF has established advisory boards as a compromise that allows us to keep projects accountable without managing the ministry activities. All authority that the advisory board assumes is no more than delegated authority by FCF. The FCF Board of Directors is the final authority over all FCF projects and staff.

Advisory Board Requirements

All FCF advisory boards must:

  • Meet a minimum of 1 time every 95 days. Failing to meet this requirement will result in your project's funds being frozen until such time that a board meeting takes place and its minutes submitted.

  • Submit board meeting minutes via email to

  • have at least 5 members, 2 of which are not members of the project but concerned individuals from the local community with a passion for the ministry;

  • consist of a majority of local members;

  • have a local understanding of the operational and cultural challenges of the project;

  • keep official minutes consisting of the following information:

    • Date of the meeting

    • Time of the meeting

    • Attendance

    • Location of the meeting

    • Key topics discussed

    • Annual Ministry Plan topic discussed

    • Action items

    • Any decisions made by the advisory board

Advisory Board Minutes Submission Procedure

Upon submission, your meeting minutes will be logged, archived and distributed to FCF leadership for review. We are excited to pray for your ministry. Thank you for taking the time to participate in this process.

To submit your minutes, please send an email to with a link to your minutes or with the minutes attached.