The Family Connection Foundation was founded on a strong culture of partnership and it is something that we have worked hard to maintain since our inception in 2006. Below is a brief description of some of the organizations that partner directly with the ministries of FCF. In time we will fully update this list.

Project Partnerships With Third Parties

Projects reserve the right to strategic alliances or other arrangements with third parties, subject to those alliances or arrangements not creating any material risk of damaging FCF’s reputation or conflicting with the principles and values prescribed by FCF's Core Distinctives or Policies.

  • Project will inform FCF ( with reasonable warning time of any such agreements prior to formalizing them either verbally or in writing.

  • Project agrees to uphold the critical feedback and decisions regarding partnership and agreements.

Legal Alignment

While FCF desires to be of assistance to other organizations and agencies on a common mission to bring Gospel hope to Thailand, we must strategically focus on assisting organizations that have common legal convictions. This means that FCF will focus its consulting and other resources to assist other organizations and agencies that are actively demonstrating legal compliance or actively engaged in establishing legal compliance. In the event that assistance is requested and neither legal compliance or active engagement in establishing legal compliance can be clearly established, FCF staff may politely decline the request. If further clarification is needed, then this clarification should come from the president of the foundation.

FCF Approval

FCF reserves the right to give critical feedback and, if necessary, prohibit any such alliances that it deems are outside the character or purpose of the organization, damaging to FCF’s reputation, or in conflict with the principles and values prescribed FCF's Core Distinctives or Policies.

Chiangmai Christian Fellowship

Chiangmai Christian Fellowship (CCF) is not simply a partner of FCF, it is the founder and FCF is ultimately accountable to the leadership and direction of the church leadership. In 2006 FCF was founded as the outreach of CCF to the Thai people and remains in direct alignment to that vision from day to day. You can learn more about CCF on their website at

CORD Ministries International

CORD Ministries International was created in 2008 as a ministry support organization based in the United States of America. CORD has been developed as a direct partner and collaborator to FCF in both vision and administration. CORD currently operates as one of several sending agencies for FCF foreign staff as well as it's US based funds processor and donation receipting agency. You can find out more about CORD Ministries at their website located at