Public Disclosures

Statement of Intent to Follow Thai Law

As a part of its ministry plan, FCF is convicted to operate within the boundaries of Thai Law. All FCF ministries will strive to follow the laws of the land at all times to the best of their abilities. FCF will not give legal oversight or be liable for the activities of any project internal or external to FCF that is operating outside of the reasonable pursuit to follow the law. We understand that this can be complex to achieve and we ask that all “complex” matters be brought before FCF’s legal compliance committee for consideration. Any activities outside of this oversight are considered to be outside of the legal authority of FCF and are done apart from any partnership, agency or legal authority of FCF.

  • FCF is an affiliation of partnerships in ministry, not an administrative tool for obtaining Thailand visas and work permits. This is an important distinction because it communicates that we have a shared interested in ministry and that there are risks and rewards for both parties involved.

  • FCF has methodological expectations of ministry driven by our intent to follow Thai and international law. Thus, FCF operates differently from other organizations that have different intent. We believe this non-negotiable intent is our greatest strength.

  • In all partnerships, FCF carries the licenses, authorizations, and legal Thai statuses necessary to conduct ministry. FCF also carries legal liabilities of ministry. Projects carry the operational and financial burden of ministry.

  • Legal Representation. FCF, as the legal Thai representative for all ministries and projects, is the only authorized contact point with the Thai government and its agencies. Unless given written permission, no project staff or leadership may represent FCF, its projects, or its staff at any Thai government office. This is vital as FCF is the legal authority of record. FCF works very hard to develop good relationships with the Thai government and agencies. Thai government and agencies include:

    1. Department of Social Welfare

    2. Baan Viengping Government Orphanage

    3. Immigration

    4. Department of Work Permits

    5. Thai Human Resources or Labor Department

    6. Department of Anti-Trafficking

    7. Governors Office

Financial Audits

FCF’s annual financial statements meet both International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Thailand Financial Reporting Standards (TFRS) and are available in Thai or English languages by contacting

Annual Reports