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Public Holidays in Thailand for 2022

Thai Law Regarding Holidays

An employee is entitled to 13 paid public holidays each year. If a public holiday falls on a weekly day off, the next working day must be granted as a paid holiday. The 13 paid holidays must be chosen from the annual list of official holidays published by the Thai government and that must include the National Labor day (see picture below).

Employers should however be mindful of the exceptions detailed in Ministerial Regulation No. 4 (1998) which details a list of different types of work where the employer can prevent employees taking traditional holidays on those days, these jobs include:

  • Works in the businesses of a hotel, entertainment establishment, restaurant, club, medical establishment and tourist service establishment; and

  • Forestry work, work performed in remote areas, transportation work and work of a nature/conditions which requires continuous performance otherwise damage would be caused to the work itself.

The Thai Labor Protection Act provides that if an employer prevents an employee from taking leave on a traditional holiday by virtue of Ministerial Regulation No. 4 (1998) then the employer and employee may agree to another day being taken in substitution for such holiday or otherwise that the employer pay the employee holiday pay for the traditional holiday that was worked.

FCF Note: Due to varied work and schedules of each FCF project, these dates may be different from project to project. It is the responsibility of each Project Director to determine which days their project will observe and communicate these dates clearly to their staff.