Project Boards

The FCF Board of Directors is the final legal authority over the entire foundation but they delegate the responsibility of Project accountability to Project boards. These boards meet once a quarter and function under one of the following two board structures:

  1. Board Advised Projects - The Project board approves the annual budget and goals, but all other aspects of Project leadership are vested in the Project Director. Most Projects have this kind of board.

  2. Board Led Projects - The board will have authority over specific aspects of Project leadership as approved by the FCF Board of Directors. All other aspects of Project leadership not assigned to the Project board are vested in the Project Director. This board is best suited for Projects in transition or when a Project Director is unable or not ready to fulfill all responsibilities of leadership.

Project boards are to consist of at least 5 people and no more than 3 from the Project itself. FCF leadership works together with the Project Director to select qualified leaders who bring skills and experience to the board. The majority of the board members should be people in the local area of the Project who can visit in-person and who understand the operational and cultural challenges of the Project.

Board meeting minutes need to be submitted to For a minutes template, click here. These minutes are securely archived and accessible to the FCF Board of Directors.