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The Purpose of Unified Processing

FCF desires to offer a high level of freedom and accountability to our Project & Program Directors. When it comes to finance, directors can make their own financial decisions within the constraints of their mission, Thai law, and their advisory board. However, it is extremely important that all directors are following the same finance processes. Thailand’s Department of Revenue is increasingly expecting foundations to follow higher levels of financial standards. This is great news for preventing corruption, but it does require more time and resources in order to comply with regulations. For this reason, we need to have unified financial processes across all of our projects and programs to help us be efficient and keep costs low.

Request Funds

  • To request funds, submit a Request for Funds. This method notifies Finance of your request via email and is the quickest way to get your money.

  • We can usually complete same-day funds requests, but can only guarantee completion within 2 business days so please plan ahead and request more money than you think you need each month.

  • You may request funds at any time, but please try to avoid the need for multiple transfers per month.

  • FCF will not process funds requests until the project has sufficient funds in Thailand and the project is in compliance with all finance policies.

Monthly Reconciliation

Projects are required to transfer any unused money from funds requests back to the FCF bank account each month. The purpose of this is so that every project’s finances can be reconciled each month and submitted to our 3rd party auditor for review. A copy of your project bank book’s information page and the most recent transfer of funds back to FCF must be included with the monthly receipts submitted by the 5th of every month. This is a 5 day grace period so if you can consistently get it done sooner, our accountant will be very grateful. Transfers can be made conveniently and at no cost using the SCB app. The FCF bank account is:

  • Bank Name: Siam Commercial Bank

  • Owner Name: The Family Connection Foundation

  • Account Number: 840-207730-0

Please DO NOT bring cash to the office for this because we need to have an electronic trail of this transfer on our bank statement.

Example: Let’s say you request 10,000b on Jan 1st. You have 9,000b in receipts. Our auditor wants to see the remaining 1,000b transferred back to FCF. That 1,000b does not stay in your bank account to go towards February expenses. It must come back to FCF as if we had handed you cash and you’re now giving us the leftover money that wasn’t spent. It is ok to request money for February expenses at the end of January to ensure you don’t have a gap in funding, but that 1,000b from January still needs to be transferred back no later than Feb 5th. The only time you might have a gap in funding is on New Year’s Day because December is special and all money needs to be transferred back to FCF by midnight of New Year’s Eve and January funding can’t be sent until the 1st.

Why do we do it this way? This is a fraud prevention method that allows Directors to use personal bank accounts for project or program cash flow. One person can open the account, use a convenient phone app, have a debit card for online purchases, and view balances with online banking. The alternative is that we open 30+ foundation bank accounts which would be a processing nightmare for everyone involved because it would require 2 foundation staff involved in every single transaction. The transfer back and forth between FCF and project may seem like extra work but it takes very little time, helps us keep 84 different designated funds separate, and allows the auditor to give us freedom to use personal bank accounts.

Monthly Receipts Submission Procedure

Every month, FCF sends all receipts and expense reports from every project to a 3rd party auditor for review. This means that receipts must be reconciled every month. In order to accomplish this, all projects are required to submit original receipts to FCF no later than the 5th of each month, but preferably sooner.

  • Make a copy of the Monthly Receipts Submission Form, fill it out electronically, print it, and include it along with all physical receipts that are turned to the FCF main office. It might be helpful to print your annual budget out for reference so you can remember which expense categories you like to use. We highly recommend bookmarking that link and starting with a fresh Google Sheet each month so you can take advantage of the convenient formulas built into it. If you need any training on this, email

  • Please fill out this form for missing receipts and include a payment voucher (purchasable at Lotus) in place of each missing receipt along with a copy of the ID card or passport of the person who made the purchase. Each receipt or payment voucher needs a signed copy of the ID card or passport of the person who made the purchase. Like immigration paperwork, sometimes finance has extra paperwork that seems unnecessary but we have to follow the rules.

  • Turn in all original receipts, the monthly receipts submission form, and the bank book copies to the FCF office. If you work outside of Chiang Mai, you can mail them to 397/2 Moo 7, T. Mae-Hia, A. Mueang, Chiang Mai 50100.

  • For questions about submitting receipts, it is best to sit down with our accountant at the FCF main office so she can show you the best way to complete all requirements and give you pointers on how to make it easier for you both.

  • If you visit a store that can issue a tax receipt, a copy of ID won’t be required with the receipt. Usually this can be done at customer service in large stores like Lotus & Makro. Many Director’s save the tax number on their phone which is 0993000056299 which is needed to obtain a tax receipt.

Donation & Income Claim Procedure

If you receive cash donations, please transfer them to the FCF bank account below and send an email to with a picture of the transfer slip and tell us which designated fund it belongs to. If a donor requests a receipt, please contact us and we can help you issue a receipt to the donor. Donations in Thailand to our type of non profit organization are not tax deductible.

  • Bank Name: Siam Commercial Bank

  • Owner Name: The Family Connection Foundation

  • Account Number: 840-207730-0

Annual Budget

  1. Each project and program must submit an annual budget showing projected expenses and income for the coming year.

  2. Project budgets must be approved by your advisory board and included in the minutes prior to submitting the budget to FCF. During the year it’s ok to spend more or less than you budgeted provided you have the funds in your project account, but any large deviations from your budget should be approved by your advisory board first.

  3. Project budgets are due at the end of the year, but you’ll receive instructions in the 3rd quarter of the year from Finance on how to do this.

  4. The purpose of doing this is

  • to help each project and program better plan for the future

  • to project FCF cash flow for the coming year, and

  • to help your advisory board and FCF gauge the financial health of each project and program.

Advisory Board

In order for the Finance Division to process your funds requests, you must be in compliance with the Advisory Board Policy.

We’d Love to Help!

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