Education Matters

The main goal of Education Matters is to keep underprivileged children in school at least through grade twelve . We believe that this is the most effective and simple way to combat the many forms of abuse and exploitation of children in Thailand. The problem is simple - it is much easier for families to send their children away to work rather than send them to school - work provides income, school is an expense most of them can't afford. By helping provide for school expenses (books, tuition, lunch, and transportation - things we take for granted in the West), it gives many families the incentive and the means to keep their children in school. Additionally, it gives the child and the family the hope of a much different future - one where they can learn a trade or skill, go to college, or get a job that can sustain them and their family, and pursue their dreams. When children and families have hope, they are much less likely to end up being victims of human trafficking. They sense that their life has meaning and direction and they will fight much harder to see things through to a brighter end!

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The Education Matters scholarship fund is available on a need-basis to beneficiaries of FCF projects and partners. The application for this scholarship can be found here. Please fill out the application and send it to for consideration.