Cost Share Program for Volunteers

Volunteer Cost Share Program Overview

FCF's volunteer cost share program is our way of covering the administrative expenses that come with running a legal foundation in Thailand, so that we can support your ministry and help you maintain your legal status in the country with a high level of professional service. In order to do this, we ask all volunteer staff to participate in the cost share program. Thank you for participating! These contributions are broken up into the following two categories:

Legal Services Contribution

This annual contribution correlates directly to the cost of processing documents related to your legal status in Thailand such as your visa, work permit, invitation letters, etc. This includes legally representing you before the Immigration Bureau, the Department of Employment, and the Department of Social Development and Welfare. This contribution does not support any other FCF admin costs; only the actual calculated costs of maintaining your legal status in Thailand. Government requirements change frequently so we will review this contribution annually.

Ministry Support Contribution

This contribution, which can be paid monthly or annually, supports many of the other admin costs of FCF beyond maintaining your legal status in Thailand. This includes things like office rent and utilities, the FCF conference, and office equipment. This also includes the Thai admin staff salaries of the wonderful people you love and interact with at the office regularly.

How much is my cost share?

For current cost share contribution numbers, please email or visit the office and let us know how many FCF volunteers and non-volunteer followers are in your family.

Do short term volunteers contribute cost share?

Yes, but it is calculated at a lower rate that reflects the number of months served under FCF.

When are my contributions due?

Please email or visit the office to find out when your cost share is due.

Every volunteer in FCF is assigned a “start date” as determined by the Human Resources Department (HR). HR will assign a fixed start date to every volunteer within 2 weeks of arrival on an FCF sponsored visa or within 2 weeks of switching to an FCF sponsored visa from a non-FCF visa. For those of you who have already participated in the cost share program, you have also been assigned a start date by HR to determine your next renewal. This start date is important and worth putting on your calendar because both cost share contributions are connected to this start date.

Your contract with FCF will not be renewed until overdue cost share contributions are paid in full. The simple reason for this is that it becomes difficult for us to pay our expenses if too many people are late, and prior to 2019, too many people have been late. Part of that is sometimes FCF’s fault for a lack of clear communication, and part of that is because sometimes volunteers don’t communicate with us. If you cannot pay on time because you have an emergency or need fundraising coaching, we want to help you! Please don’t wait to set up a time to come talk to us by emailing or stopping by the office.

Legal Services Contribution

  • New Volunteers - Legal services contributions are due on or before FCF orientation. This is typically within the first couple weeks of your arrival in Thailand. In the rare event your funds are not accessible by the time orientation arrives, please let the cost share coordinator know as soon as possible by emailing or visiting the office.

  • Existing Volunteer Annual Renewal - Legal services contributions are due prior to your start date anniversary. If you paid on January 15th this year, your renewal is due on January 15th next year. Don’t know your renewal date? Email or visit the office.

Ministry Support Contribution

  • You have the option to make this contribution monthly or annually. In both cases, the first month contribution or full annual contribution is due on the same day as the legal services contribution.

  • For those who choose to pay monthly, subsequent monthly contributions are due on the same day as the previous month’s contribution. (i.e. If your start date is Jan 15th then your contributions are due Jan 15th, Feb 15th, Mar 15th, etc.)

Are my contributions refundable?

We are not legally permitted to refund contributions made to the foundation. This is a Thai government regulation to ensure that foundations are not utilized for money laundering or fraudulent purposes.

How do I make my contribution?

Method 1 - PayPal

To donate using PayPal, follow these instructions.

Method 2 - Bring cash to the FCF office

  • Only the Cost Share Coordinator (Mike Feringa) and Accounting Coordinator (Lume) are authorized to accept cash and provide receipts. For this reason, we recommend you call ahead to make sure one of them are in the office: 053-277-478.

  • Cash may only be given at the FCF office.

  • Only Thai Baht is accepted.

Method 3 - Bank transfer in Thailand

Volunteers must provide FCF a copy of the transfer receipt so that we know who sent the funds, when the funds were sent, exactly how much was sent, and to whose cost share contribution those funds pertain. Either drop it off in person or email a copy to

Transfer funds to:

  • Bank Name: Siam Commercial Bank (SCB)

  • Account Number: 840-207730-0

  • Bank Branch: Changklan Chiangmai 0840

  • Owner Name: The Family Connection Foundation


We no longer accept cost share contributions via international wire transfer or through Cord due to fees and exchange rates causing insufficient funds transfers.