Employment Application Process

Foreign Volunteer


  1. The act of maintaining an agreement with a NON-Thai individual where the organization expects work tasks or time in return for compensation. Employment is established where one or more of the following statements are true:

    • The organization has the right to control what the worker does and how the worker does their job.

    • The organization controls the business aspects of the worker’s job including (how the worker is paid, expense reimbursements, or the provision of tools or equipment).

    • The organization controls retirement pay, insurance, vacation time & pay.

  2. Misclassification of a foreign employee is illegal and could result in fines. Please seek consultation from FCF admin if your employee relationship is unclear.

  3. Foreign Employment is a rare classification with FCF’s social foundation status. As a foundation, we are severely limited in the way that we can employ foreigners and avoids this type of relationship except in very unique circumstances. In order to apply the classification to a foreigner, a project must acquire written permission from the President or CEO of the organization and comply with ALL employment regulations.

  4. Professional Exclusions - Some professions are not eligible for this status. Thailand has protective laws to ensure that some industries only employ Thai Citizens. Your profession may be an exclusion. Please contact FCF administration to find out if your situation is eligible for this classification.

Foreign Volunteer Application Process


Browses current opportunities on the FCF website and fills out an application: https://fcfthailand.org/live/volunteer-positions/

FCF Admin

  • FCF Operations team processes application and informs Project Director(s) of new applicants.

  • Project Directors are then given opportunity to confirm or defer employment.

  • If confirmed, a letter of acceptance is emailed to the applicant.

  • From there, the applicant will proceed to the on-boarding process as instructed by the FCF Operations team.

Job Description Overview

Project Directors - In order for FCF to effectively apply for Work Permits, it is VERY important that we have comprehensive, accurate, and specific job descriptions for each FCF staff member in every FCF project. In order to assist you with this process, we have created the following "HOW-TO" that exactly mirrors our job descriptions. Please take great care in completing the job description to the standards listed below. We will not be able to accept any job descriptions that do not meet the minimum standards as it could lead to an undesired result in the work permit process. FCF Admin Staff are not equipped to complete this process on your behalf so we need each project director to work hard to become "masters of the job description." Questions can be sent to hr@fcfthailand.org.

For your reference, we have posted our standard job description template here.

Pre-Field Responsibilities and Membership

FCF will...

  1. ask all potential candidates to consider carefully the operating principles of FCF and document their agreement to operate within them.

  2. process all applications in a timely manner.

  3. issue a visa packet to volunteers. FCF will only complete this task after the volunteer and PROJECT have completed all necessary parts of the application process including the Job Description.

  4. extend full membership rights, privileges, and responsibilities to volunteers as defined in the International Staff Policy Manual. This includes full participation in agency events and qualification for leadership roles.

  5. not provide insurance nor funds assistance in a medical crisis. FCF will only assist if it is deemed financially appropriate by FCF administration.

PROJECT will...

  1. submit an adequate Job Description to HR prior to FCF’s on-boarding decision and issuance of the visa packet.

  2. ensure that all project volunteers are fully qualified and equipped for the tasks and challenges related to the job description.

  3. direct all potential candidates who are interested in serving with PROJECT to complete the standard FCF process outlined in this FCFADMIN site.

On-Field General Responsibilities


  • is not liable for compensating or funding the cost of any illness or injury suffered by any foreign or national volunteer.

  • is not responsible for the evacuation of a foreign volunteer, whether for medical or safety reasons.

  • will provide necessary training on Child Protection, ensuring that necessary trainings are available to the PROJECT Staff and volunteers. Each year at least one Connection Meeting will be dedicated for this purpose. FCF will also make quarterly trainings available to new Staff.

  • will provide reasonable advance notice of time and place of all Connection Meetings.

  • will assist FCF foreign volunteers with the visa and work permit application process. The parties acknowledge that FCF does not grant work permits or visas; these are functions of the Thai government. FCF’s responsibility is limited to helping to facilitate the application process by compiling paperwork, communicating with government officials and being present at meetings. FCF does not provide any guarantee, representation or assurance that the Thai government will grant any work permit, visa or other necessary consent or approval. However, it will use reasonable endeavors to assist and advocate on behalf of FCF foreign volunteers and projects.

  • will document and help facilitate the process by which Staff can propose new projects.

  • will give reasonable notice of any mandatory meetings; exceptions to this rule include but are not limited to, any government initiated meetings as relevant Staff must attend those meetings when called upon regardless of time of notice.

If the Project receives donations or other forms of funding from a third party, FCF is not responsible and accepts no liability for complying with the terms or conditions of any agreement with that third party relating to the provision of that funding. The Project alone accepts responsibility for satisfying those terms and conditions.

FCF hereby discloses that it is not a tax exempt foundation under the laws of Thailand. Nor is FCF an exempt "non profit" under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code or the tax code of any other relevant jurisdiction.

PROJECT will...

  • ensure that Staff have active personal and professional accountability.

  • ensure that Staff are properly trained and equipped for the role they will play in the project.

  • provide a leadership structure and communication line for all Staff within the project.

  • take all reasonable steps to ensure that the physical, emotional, spiritual and financial needs of their Staff are met and managed appropriately.

In the case of foreign Staff working in Thailand, this includes, but is not limited to the following...

  • They are of good health before they enter Thailand, that they take all reasonable steps to maintain their good health, and that they seek appropriate medical care when they suffer from injury or illness.

  • They have sufficient financial funding to meet their reasonable living costs and set up/establishment costs; their reasonable travel costs of returning to their home countries as and when required to do so, including emergency evacuation for medical or safety reasons; International orientation travel and program fees; annual FCF Cost Share Contribution; language school and program fees; health/medical insurance.

  • They have arranged reasonable accommodation for them and those members of their family residing with them in Thailand.

  • They hold medical insurance for themselves and those members of their family residing with them in Thailand. Project directors will provide FCF with the placing slip, cover note or other written evidence of the existence of such cover for each Staff member and the members of their family within 14 days of their arrival in Thailand and on the subsequent renewal of that cover.

  • They receive necessary Thai language and cultural training and training relevant to their responsibilities to the PROJECT.

  • They attend counseling at such intervals considered appropriate by the Project Director or as otherwise directed by FCF, and other such assistance and support considered reasonably necessary to maintain their mental and emotional health.

  • They are taking appropriate steps to meet and maintain their spiritual health.

FCF reserves the right to...

  1. request additional information about any employee or volunteer and has the right to reject said candidate on the basis of the personal profile and ministry interest of the candidate.

  2. impose additional requirements on PROJECT to meet the reasonable physical, emotional, spiritual and financial needs of their Staff having regard to the nature and challenges of their work.

Limit of FCF's Liability

FCF excludes all liability for any financial loss, cost or expense incurred by PROJECT or its Staff, including any loss, cost or expense caused by its negligence or other breach of duty, including but not limited to:

  • Medical & Hospital Fees in Thailand, Passport Country, or Other Country.

  • Other Medical or Emergency Expenses associated with Personal Injury in Thailand, Passport Country, or Other Country.

  • Death or Dismemberment and all Expenses as a result of Death or Dismemberment in Thailand, Passport Country, or Other Country.

  • Travel, Housing, Transportation, Utilities, or other Personal Expenses in Thailand, Passport Country, or Other Country.

  • Legal Fees or Arbitration in Thailand, Passport Country, or Other Country for any reason, personal or professional.

  • Government Mandated or Political Evacuation or Elective Evacuation during Political Unrest from any Location to Passport Country, or Other Country.

  • Government Mandated or Political Evacuation or Elective Evacuation during Political Unrest from one location in Thailand to another.

  • Medical or other Emergency Evacuation from Any Location to Passport Country or Other Country.

  • Return of Mortal Remains from Any Location to Passport Country or Other Country.

  • Returning Minor Children from Any Location to Passport Country or Other Country.

Project will ensure that all PROJECT Staff are aware of FCF's limit of liability.

In the event that an event occurs or circumstance arises that causes, or has the potential to cause, either party or their Staff financial loss, cost, expense or inconvenience, the parties will promptly consult together in good faith to agree on a plan of action to mitigate the adverse impact of that event or circumstance.

Home Ministry Assignment


  • will be entirely responsible for its volunteers during home assignment.

  • will promptly advise FCF of all Staff travel plans.

Church Affiliation


  • will ensure that every volunteer in an FCF project is an active participant in a local Church. Churches need not be formal or registered with any entity, but must align with FCF’s Statement of Faith and meet at least weekly for worship, teaching, and fellowship.


  • will grant exceptions for non-Christian Staff. These exceptions should be requested in writing from either FCF’s President or CEO and must demonstrate that the Staff or volunteer is receiving the necessary personal care (mentally, spiritually & physically), life coaching, and personal discipleship that would be expected from local Church Involvement.

General Job Description Details


Use your job title as it is written on your work permit. Each volunteer needs to have a job title that reflects their role in the project. Simply putting "Volunteer" is not enough.


This section should detail specific activities/tasks in which the person will be involved within the FCF project only and should be as thorough as possible.

Important Contributions and Outcomes

This section should point to FCF charted objectives in service to Thai people that the tasks are working to fulfill. For reference, the FCF charted objectives in service to Thai people are as follows:

  1. To support individual families and encourage / teach all families to be strong and warm.

  2. To support public and private efforts in the prevention and relief of social problems.

  3. To create institutes for moral and religious training of teachers.

  4. To assist children, youth, and teenagers by supporting education, sports, art, music, literature, and other learning efforts.

  5. To give advice and counsel in a social context with the intent of solving social problems. For example; family issues, relationship issues, drug issues, and other issues.

  6. To be a benefit to Thai society and cooperate with other foundations and entities.

  7. Not be involved with any political action.

You could also include some of your own project objectives that the individual will be working to fulfill. There has been a good deal of push back from the government as it relates to an individual’s participation in FCF’s objectives. They continue to judge (and are increasingly judgmental of) individuals based on their benefit to Thai society and need continual proof (not just pictures, but documentation of outcomes as well) that an individual is doing that work.

Required Qualifications

If you know specifics as to what a volunteer's degree was in or what degree they are working for, that should be put here. If the degree doesn't seem to align with the work they are doing, you could say something like "college degree", "working on college degree", or "degree in ___ or related degree"

Also, if the volunteer has a unique set of skills, or is coming to consult for a specific reason this would be a great place to put it (i.e. administrative skills, cross-cultural experience, good communication skills, research experience, etc).

Reporting Relations with the Family Connection Foundation and Co-workers

There will be a standard set of "attending monthly connection meeting" and "report and meet with FCF staff regularly and as needed." Feel free to add anything project specific (i.e. will attend staff meetings, will report to project leader, etc).

Time Commitments

We would like you to document working hours or general work schedule for the individual (i.e. Monday, Tuesday 9am - noon, Friday 1pm - 5pm). This wouldn’t have to be completed before the invitation letter is sent, but it should be filled out before the volunteer attends the FCF orientation (volunteer will now be reviewing their job description at orientation.)


  1. Foreign Employees must be compensated in accordance with Thai Labor law. Each profession has specific minimum wage requirements for foreign employees.

  2. FCF Compensation Plan.


Foreign Employees who are compensated financially by FCF MUST pay taxes in Thailand. These taxes are fixed and determined by Thai Law. Avoiding or non-payment of these taxes is a criminal offense and could result in large fines, jail time, and/or deportation. To find out more about this process, please consult a tax professional in Thailand.

Visas/Work Permits

Qualifying As FCF Staff

While FCF ultimately gives project and department leadership the final say on HR decisions, we have laid out the following guidelines to help determine if a foreign staff member meets the minimum qualifications for a work permit:

  • The volunteer's primary work focus and activity in Thailand is directly under the oversight of an FCF project OR project leadership deems that input from this candidate is valuable enough that primary focus is not required. This "input" should be into socially relevant activities of the project that are part of FCF disclosure to the government.

  • The volunteer meets minimum professional experience and qualification standards required by the role for which they are applying.

  • The volunteer is legally employable as an unpaid volunteer in Thailand.

NOTE: Please understand that failing to meet the above recommended qualifications does not permit a volunteer to work in any employment capacity at an FCF project without a work permit. If you have questions, email hr@fcfthailand.org and we'll do our best to answer them.


Volunteers are now required to submit their resume as a part of the work permit application process. The resume must include all relevant work experience, education and training that qualifies a volunteer for their position under FCF. Upon submission to the FCF HR department, resumes will be translated and signed by the FCF admin team. Questions surrounding resume structure and content can be directed to the HR department via email to hr@fcfthailand.org.

Medical Certificate

In order for a volunteer to apply for a work permit, each volunteer must go through the process of getting a Medical Certificate. Medical Certificates can be conducted at most major medical centers. FCF recommends that volunteers complete this process upon arrival, as most government offices do not recognize certificates from out of country. Medical certificates are valid for 30 days after completion. Medical certificates are given in the form of a paper certificate and should be given to the FCF office for submission. It is recommended that volunteers ask for multiple copies of their medical certificate, due to the fact that they are commonly asked for in government applications.

Medical Certificates include a

  • Basic physical

  • Syphilis Test

  • Leprosy Test

  • Tuberculosis Test

  • Elephantiasis Test

  • Drug Testing

  • Alcoholism Test

Results are given immediately. Prices vary based on medical center.

Job Description Clarifications


How will their work be evaluated?

Under review...

Expected Results

What are the Socially relevant Contributions and Outcomes of this position?

Again, this is going to reference FCF chartered objectives. It can include some project-specific objectives.


If this is a project specific WP, please summarize the annual cost projection. Put your project's current year total annual budget.

Project Leader

Who will oversee their daily activities?

Usually, this is the project leader or supervisor.

Supporting Organization

If this is a project specific WP, who financially supports the project with which this person will be working?

This is not the Family Connection Foundation, but may be the project. Or, there may be no supporting organization at all, rather the project is funded by the combined efforts of multiple individuals or institutional donors (i.e. SIM with the Lahu Living Word project).

Monthly Reporting

Throughout the year, FCF is required to submit documentation justifying every work permit that FCF holds. These reports happen every 4 months as well as at visa and work permit renewals. We are also required to be able to justify work-product on demand when requested. In order to empower the Admin Office Staff to comply with the various reporting expectations, FCF requires every work permit holder to submit 4 activity photos to the Adroit system each month. You may always submit more to the system but no less than 4.

To learn more about how to submit activity photos using Adroit, visit the All About Adroit page.

Transition to another FCF project

  • Communicate transition with HR team ideally two months in advance to prepare for any changes involving work permits, four month reports, and visas.

  • Transition time allotment is negotiated by Admin and HR team.

  • Volunteer will be asked to complete an exit survey, and in some instances participate in an exit interview.

  • Upon finding a new project, collaborate with HR team to update job description and work permit.

Leaving FCF

  • Communicate transition with HR team ideally two months in advance.

  • Transition time allotment is negotiated by Admin and HR team.

  • Volunteer will be asked to complete an exit survey, and in some instances participate in an exit interview.

  • Turn in work permit to HR team, in order for volunteer to process work permit through new institution.

  • Visa cancelled, in order for volunteer to process visa through new institution.

  • Return any possessions that belong to FCF.

Staff Performance Reviews

Below are standard Staff & Supervisor Feedback and review forms. These forms are bilingual and are intended to assist FCF projects with facilitating healthy feedback and review processes internally.

This process is designed to have 2 components that are completed annually. These two components consist of the Employee Self Assessment and the Supervisor Feedback to Employee. Both are detailed below.

Employee Self Assessment

This form allows an employee to assess themselves and also allows them employee to provide constructive feedback for their own supervision. Employee Self Assessment Form

Supervisor Feedback to Employee

This form is designed to allow a supervisor to provide direct feedback to an employee on key areas of their employment. Supervisor Feedback to Employee Form

Field Discipline by FCF


If any of the following circumstances arise:

  • The Project Director is suspected of having engaged in serious misconduct that warrants disciplinary action;

  • A member of Staff is suspected of having engaged in serious misconduct that warrants disciplinary action and the Project Director lacks capacity, is unavailable or has a conflict of interest that precludes him or her from addressing the matter;

  • The Project Director is unwilling to take disciplinary action, or their proposed disciplinary action is grossly inadequate in the circumstances.


will investigate the matter.

  • If it concludes that the Staff member has engaged in serious misconduct that warrants disciplinary action, it will inform the Project Director of its findings and of the disciplinary action it intends to impose.

  • If warranted, it will temporarily suspend the Staff member in question until the investigation has been concluded and the Project Director has been informed of the outcome and given reasonable opportunity to comment.

  • Will consult with the Project Director on the process and findings of any investigation, the findings and the proposed disciplinary action to be taken (unless the Project Director is the Staff member whose conduct is at issue).


  • Will inform FCF’s President or CEO immediately if any of the circumstances above arise.

  • Will cooperate with FCF in any investigation and will ensure that its actions are consistent with the principles of natural justice and fairness.


  • Will act in good faith and cooperate in the prompt resolution of the matter and any dispute that arises.

  • Will each apply the principles of natural justice and fairness when investigating any alleged misconduct, and when making any decision to suspend the Staff member or impose disciplinary action.

  • Consult together on taking professional advice as to how to manage the investigation and imposition of disciplinary action.

  • Either or both of them may refer any material dispute to mediation, and if this is unsuccessful, arbitration.

Corporate Dress

This applies to FCF Admin Office Staff only...

General Dress Code

All FCF staff are expected to dress professionally when at the office. Professional dress in our context is business casual.

Staff Shirts

All FCF staff should have an FCF staff shirt to be worn at government functions/locations and when professional dress is required. Foreign staff are issued one (1) shirt for free when they initially begin serving with FCF. Additional shirts can be requested from the FCF Operations Department at a cost of 250 THB per shirt.