Adroit Activity Reporting

Adroit is a database of pictures and captions about the activities our volunteers are doing. FCF is required to submit a report about every foreign volunteer to the Department of Social Development & Welfare annually. Each report needs to have numerous pictures with descriptions about how the activity pictured is helping Thai society. Having dozens of people submit that many pictures in various formats is difficult to organize, so we created a tool called Adroit that keeps this information in a database and automatically generates activity reports. These pictures are also used at the Department of Employment when renewing your work permit, at Immigration when renewing your visa, and in the annual report submitted to the Ministry of Interior.

If you’re new to serving in Thailand, it may feel awkward or even wrong to take so many pictures of your work while helping people. This is a legal requirement and we can assure you that Thai people are used to taking pictures frequently for government purposes.

How do I access Adroit?

The Adroit App can be accessed from your computer browser, but the mobile app is easier to use and more convenient. It can be downloaded below.

How do I create an activity?

Many activities are already set up in Adroit, but you have the ability to create new activities. To do this, you need to log in to Adroit from your computer browser and select your ministry team. On the next screen you will be able to enter the new activity.

  • Enter an Activity Name

  • Activity Name (Govt): This can be the same as “Activity Name”

  • Start Date: Enter the current date

  • End Date: Leave this blank

  • Select one or more of the Team Objectives that correlate to the new activity

  • Enter a Description

  • Description (Govt): This can be the same as the description,

What kind of photos do I need?

The best kind of photo is of you actively engaged in an activity with Thai people.

How should I caption photos?

Once you upload a picture, you’ll need to write a caption that includes both what you are doing and how it is positively affecting Thai society and/or Thai people. The government has been very strict in recent years about making sure volunteers are working within the confines of their Legal Charter Objectives as a means to prevent foundations from being used for illegal purposes. Below are a couple examples of bad and good captions.

  • Bad: Building relationships with women at a waterfall.

  • Good: Taking women from a family shelter on an outing to a waterfall in order to build mentoring relationships where we can teach them how to make better choices about friends, dating, and a moral lifestyle.

  • Bad: Feeding a baby so it can grow up and be healthy.

  • Good: Caring for a foster child from the local government orphanage in a family environment so they can develop the attachments they need to thrive, in preparation for being matched with a forever family.

If you have any questions or would like to see more examples, email