About FCF

Our Mission - Why does FCF exist?

To bring glory to God by loving God, loving people, and building His Kingdom.

Our Vision - What are we trying to accomplish?

To see the vulnerable, the hopeless, and the broken changed by the power of the Gospel into people with hope, healing, and spiritual vitality as we engage people and communities in word and deed.

Our Values - What do we care about?

Our Model - What makes us unique?

FCF provides a platform and organizational support to Christian ministries that share our values and love for Thai people. We seek to open doors to communities and families by sharing the love of God in practical and tangible ways (ministry in deed), so that we can share the Gospel and make disciples in places where there are very few or no Christians (ministry in Word). We are not an umbrella organization or simply a tool for obtaining legal status.

All ministries at FCF, also known as Projects, are mostly autonomous and unique in design, but they all follow a basic level of structure and common processes that help us maintain a high standard of legality and accountability. This is specifically designed to empower our Projects to serve in the unique ways that God has led them to. Even though each project has its own focus, leadership, and staff, we all work together in strategic partnership as one family.

Our History - What are our roots?

In 2002, Pastor Tim & Denise Dunham came to serve at Chiang Mai Christian Fellowship Church. In 2006, FCF was established as the local outreach ministry of the church. One of the core beliefs of Christians is that God wants us to love people the same way He loves us. That means we are to show love and kindness to all people regardless of their background or situation; the poor, orphans, outcasts, victims of abuse, and others in need. What started as an international church's local ministry to the poor, has today become a primarily Thai-led foundation with 80 Thai staff and 16 different Projects around Thailand, all with a shared mission to serve and love people like Jesus Christ.

Our Faith - What do we believe?

FCF has adopted the Lausanne Covenant as its Statement of Faith.

Our Legal Objectives - What does the Thai government authorize us to do?

Our license to establish a foundation under the Ministry of Interior includes the following legal objectives as approved by the governor of Chiang Mai.

Our Desired Outcomes - What are the long-term results of our work?