Media Use & Branding

FCF asks all Projects to follow a few basic media & branding guidelines. The purpose is not to control how a Project markets itself for fundraising. These guidelines are intended to promote the continuity of the FCF brand and help make us immediately recognizable to Thai officials and the general community.

All publications, digital, print, or otherwise, published as a representation of the Project must comply with all aspects of the FCF Child Protection Policy and be in alignment with FCF core documents and policies.

Media Release Form

When filming or photographing a person who is identifiable in your media as the subject of the story or information being communicated, please have the subject sign a media release form.

Media Release Form (English)

Media Release Form (Thai)


An FCF logo must be reasonably visible on the Project website. The "About Us" or similar page would be an appropriate location. Please include the following: "[Project Name] is a Project of The Family Connection Foundation; a legally registered social foundation in Thailand." 


All projects need to hang an FCF sign and Project sign in a clearly visible place outside where the public can see it. For security-sensitive locations, the signs may be placed inside the entrance where a welcomed visitor could see the signs. FCF will provide the 1st foundation sign and Project sign free of charge for each owned or rented property of the Project.


At the end of your Project video, please include the FCF logo and include the following: "[Project Name] is a Project of The Family Connection Foundation, a legally registered social foundation in Thailand."

Print Media

Use in Thailand - The FCF logo must be included if your project's print media will be used in Thailand.

Use Overseas -  If your print media will be used exclusively overseas for fundraising purposes, you are not required to include the FCF logo.

Media Files

FCF Logos

Project Logos